on mother’s day and “the unmothered”

my timeline is overcrowded with ‘friends’ changing their profile pictures – from one of themselves looking hip to ones with their mother and if they’ve had a child, it’s one of themselves with their child. phew… mother’s day is back. this is not to say that i am a celebrator of ‘days’. birthdays and anniversaries make the cut for me. birthdays and anniversaries mark a huge moment in my life, a … Continue reading on mother’s day and “the unmothered”

swimming and me: lesson 1

Do you have that big secret you are really embarrassed about? And you try to avoid all sorts of conversations about it? Well here is mine. I cannot SWIM. I am 32 and in a month’s time will add 1 more year to that figure. Swimming is a life-skill they say. It’s compulsory in some countries for children to learn swimming before they leave primary school, … Continue reading swimming and me: lesson 1

you are reading a TOP blog of INDIA!

and you are reading one of the top blogs in india – this is a list of the top 500 blogs in india. they have a process of selection and I’d like to believe it’s extremely rigorous and I got selected. doing my little dance around in my chair which involves me bouncing about in a rather sloppy, podgy way. interestingly, I made it to … Continue reading you are reading a TOP blog of INDIA!

why do i write?

i write to find my voice. to clarify and to argue. to understand.  myself. to find.  i write to remember. memories darkened in black, coloured with words, shaped by emotions. i write to create. worlds. images. sounds. people. emotions. conversations.  i write to express. to tell that story. to try and paint what my head seems to be screaming at me.  i write to tell stories. of who i am. … Continue reading why do i write?

wednesday: link day

links that have been looking interesting this week: paul theroux’s 10 tips for aspiring writers sidin vadukut had me on the floor with this piece and i’m not even a mom… read ” my baby between the times of 3 and 4 am a poem” because i like her style, i like her poetry. the poetry of pavithra k. mehta, the poetry of happiness. this is an old poem, but … Continue reading wednesday: link day

what do you choose: mountains or beaches?

“i think we go to the mountains really often,” i said. “maybe…” came the stoic reply with the hint of the question mark at the end.  i could continue it meant… i did. “we live in the coast, to the west of india. and towards the end of the year we seem to make our way to delhi, then by road we head further north … Continue reading what do you choose: mountains or beaches?

help me win a trip to god’s own country

yes. its been a bit of a harassing spell from my end to all those people whose email ids i have, to all those on my facebook timeline… i am back here to persuade all those 300+ subscribers to my blog. there is a competition being run by the kerala tourism board and 25 lucky winners get to go for a two-week trip from the north … Continue reading help me win a trip to god’s own country