Iron drums at Kochi beach front

i walk by, wondering, thinking, wondering… approach, almost touch, peep into the holes on the sides, get shocked by the garbage, step back, almost touch again, step back. [hmmm] what are these two iron drums¬†i say to myself? not wanting to leave, i wait there. maybe it’ll strike me? before minutes turn into hours, a man walks up to them. he looks, smiles knowingly, then … Continue reading Iron drums at Kochi beach front

first of firsts – two articles published on the same day

two articles were published today on two different e-zines (is that what you call them?) one of them is on my favourite topic – graffiti; but with interpretations or musings… tell me what you think. where did the wall graffiti at fort kochi come from though i prefer my title – “kochi – art or wallpaper?” and the other, a first for me. a poem, … Continue reading first of firsts – two articles published on the same day

5 things that will make you STOP at Fort Kochi

There is a lot of quaintness rolled into the package that is Fort Kochi. Let me tell you about 5 really interesting stops you should make while¬†discovering this old port.   1.¬†Large Rusted Drums These two tall,¬†rusted drums are now quasi¬†garbage bins by the disrespectful passerby. They were once boilers on a ship. They stand harmlessly at one end of the Kochi Beach, rather quietly … Continue reading 5 things that will make you STOP at Fort Kochi

lavender flowers and whispers

this was the first time i have consciously¬†seen lavender flowers (and i think these are lavender flowers). i saw them from a distance and went running saying, ‘lavender, lavender…’ so if these aren’t lavender flowers please don’t tell me so, i’m oblivious-ly happy. (pun completely and totally intended; i thought through it – i wonder why people say unintended!) i have heard about those beautiful … Continue reading lavender flowers and whispers

walking the streets of kochi – the street art

graffiti that always catches my attention and keeps me revetted. i don’t know if this happens to you, but once i see one¬†piece of¬†graffiti or street art in a city,¬†i start searching all the walls¬†almost frantically.¬†because if there is one piece, there are always¬†more! i scanned¬†the walls as i made my way from rome to venice years ago, i searched¬†the walls to find¬†graffiti in varanasi,¬†visited … Continue reading walking the streets of kochi – the street art

the ghats of varanasi

The ghats of Varanasi are a fantastic interaction with India in all shapes, sizes, forms and volume levels!¬†Like a densely packed Gujarati thaali, there is always something new and lots of choice to find your favourite!¬† Cows jostling along with the faithful, and then street dogs chasing each other. In the water, the fervent believer dipping his head in the water, making his offerings to … Continue reading the ghats of varanasi

graffiti in varanasi

graffiti has always meant rebellion for me! mumbai proved me wrong. walls were covered with the permission of the residents of that house / building. read more about my discovery of graffiti in bandra. but still, graffiti didn’t become ‘acceptable’. it has always had that streak of mischief embedded. so, varanasi and graffiti” in the same breath, didn’t seem possible to me. afterall, varanasi is … Continue reading graffiti in varanasi

the two sides of hauz khas, new delhi

you are at hauz khas, new delhi. There is the glitzy glamour of the designer boutiques on the main road‚Ķ with their brightly lit front glass shop fronts, the slim mannequins that make everything look runway fresh and their¬†dangerous promises to transform an average Jane into a Kate Moss. The halo of consumerism is alive here, tempting even the most inept window browser and pushing … Continue reading the two sides of hauz khas, new delhi