Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

and this is a first.

it feels good to know someone out there likes what i call my ‘verbal diarrhea’!  so thanks again (and again) to thehabitualrunaway for this nomination! i have been grinning ever since 😀


the rules for accepting the award are as follows: (and i guess this cannot be messed with!!)

  • provide a link and thanks to the bloggers who nominated you (done!)
  • answer 10 questions (phew, done!) 
  • nominate 10 blogs that you find a joy to read (done, that was easy, some of them i have been following for years now!) 
  • provide links to the blogs and inform the recipients they have been nominated (done – lots of messages coming out to everyone!) 
  • include the award logo within your post (done! and will put it on the blog too!) 

10 questions:

1. your favourite colour? as boring as it gets – blue, black and a new favourite purple!

2. your favourite animal?  one that i could have even in mumbai – a dog, and one that i would ogle at forever – a cub of any of the wild cats – tigers, leopards, lions!

3. your favourite drink?  ice tea!! i am always on a search to find the best (brewed) ice tea, i hate ready-made ice-tea! and every ice tea is always trying to be better than amma’s (my mum’s)! 

4. Facebook or Twitter?  Twitter as of now, i share my posts @ bhavan1… plan to explore facebook soon! (a little shy as yet!)

5. your favourite pattern?  i love textures more than patterns! then again, aren’t textures just touch-lead patterns? i like textures of rocks – some smooth, some worn out, some so young and rough! the bumps of bamboo or long grass knitted / weaved into a rug. that cold, rough touch of stone flooring and the smooth feel of a floor just moped! the melt-in-the-mouth collapsing gooeyness of chocolate hot-pot / chocolate lava cake!

6. do you prefer getting or giving presents?  love giving presents… with receiving presents: always scared my face will give away my lack of interest if i don’t like it!

7. your favourite number?  don’t have a favourite number. i think i like them all. 

8. favourite day of the week?  holi-days!

9. favourite flower? i like all flowers, but on the bush / shrub or plant. i feel terrible when i see flowers in a vase… that they are dying for me to enjoy their beauty! my favourite flower would be a jasmine native to the indian subcontinent called the parijat or the night-flowering jasmine. 

10. what is your passion? – traveling, writing and eating chocolate. not sure about the order of that as yet! but am sure everything’s after chocolate. 

10 sisterhood nominations:

these are the blogs i enjoy for a host of reasons. some because of the reason they began writing, some for their style, some for the photographs, others for their ideas and view of life…. but all of them inspire, in their journeys, choices they have made and the lives they choose to live. so hope you find them inspiring too!

1. everywhereist

2. my100strangersproject

3. everywhereonce

4. theurgetowander

5. purplefoodie

6. writingthroughthefog

7. joythebaker

8. ouroyster

9. theroadforks

10. camelsandchocolate

thanks again thehabitualrunaway for letting me join the gang! a big yippee again! 

14 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Gee, i wonder if you could change the rules…I would have liked to (just a little tweaking perhaps!) – but I dare not!! I am still in ‘grateful to have readers’ mode! 😛

    Congrats & you are very welcome =)


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