blissful by the banyan: homestay, off-mumbai

Travelling out of Mumbai to a place that hopes to preserve nature for the generations to come. Built with vernacular architecture, and along a slope without flattening the land, Banyan Bliss is a homestay that stands out from the rest. Continue reading blissful by the banyan: homestay, off-mumbai

#100womenproject – meet amruta

This is Amruta. I met her more than three years ago while traveling across Maharashtra on a project for Getoff Ur Ass. I had spoken to her over the phone and she sounded welcoming, but I had no clue how she would be in person. I shouldn’t have even wondered! I got down from the State Transport Bus in a strange small town, took an autorickshaw to her house and … Continue reading #100womenproject – meet amruta

why i love homestays…

travel for me is about stories, about places, people, where they have been, and how they got here. i like travel, not just for mad travelers and their envious around-the-world tales but for experiences, stories, histories. for living, in a place, that can only come from sticking, staying put. i can’t always do that! don’t have the money or time to live in another city … Continue reading why i love homestays…

hill top view

10 reasons why everyone should visit matheran

matheran is very close to where i spent most of my growing years, but was never tempted. even been dissuaded by friends.

i went there for the first time 5 years ago, and then willingly went again last year! and i wish to make it a hat trick with one more visit in the coming months!

hill top view

here are my TEN reasons why you MUST MUST MUST visit matheran! 

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the exotic familiar?

preference for the known non-indian exotic? but not excited by unknown indian exotic? even at the same cost?

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