the exotic familiar?

preference for the known non-indian exotic? but not excited by unknown indian exotic? even at the same cost?

visited some homestays in kerala in 2010. they will be the most quaint homestays ever, infact i would say they define what homestays should be like! earlier stayed at a family run hotel at panaji, goa… where the food is cooked by the family (the daughter added coriander to my scrambled egg, marvellous touch!)… interaction with family is high and you enter through their rooms… and more recently, visited a heritage place in chettinad. but interesting to note that, at all these places, the common point: 95% of their occupancy comes from foreigners – non-indians… so even the people working there are not used to local indians. and assume that you are an NRI, but definitely not local!

why is that so?

it’s not like the cost is high. there are sufficient indians today paying for experiences that are priced much higher than these off-beat destinations. yes, the number of people are growing but what has made us slow to discover our own culture? and there is a lot of differences as one travels the length and breadth of the country!

ironically these very indians seek indian food every time they travel abroad!

am confused!

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