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where the walls come alive in bandra, mumbai

i visited the lanes behind the big and busy hill road multiple times. first for a photo walk with a friend, which was the first time i discovered such graffiti on walls in mumbai… the city i have lived in for more than 7 years now! it was a revelation. just a short distance from the train station lay this treasure trove…

i always wonder why i seek to travel outside my city, but never stop to discover what lies in my own backyard… and this was one of those days when i kicked myself for not going there sooner, and also thanked my luck for meeting gopal who runs a wonderful blog on street photography @ “mumbai paused”

three pieces of graffiti

i then went back, two weeks later, post a photography session… we were a bunch of newbies armed with cool looking gizmos, and we walked up and down those tiny lanes taking pictures of crumbling and dilapidated buildings, people and street art. but behind the crumbling landscape, i could sense the pride of the residents of that area, they might not have had the money to renovate their buildings, but these painted walls with art made them keep their heads high, and show-off their area. we even bumped into a local that had taken to street art post seeing people from outside this locality do up his walls…

i visited these roads many times post that, as i wrote an audio tour for on bandra: the graffiti, the glitz and the glamour! and then, i bumped into sudha online… two degrees of separation.. and some email conversations later, i am on the blog of her travel company “seek & hide

so… if you like graffiti, street art do visit walls comes alive in bandra, mumbai for the entire post…


this is a post that is dedicated to my own quest to learn more about mumbai and to my dream of one day writing a book about my conflicting emotions with living, experiencing and dreaming in mumbai, india.

an 'un-tribute' to momos
an ‘un-tribute’ to momos

17 thoughts on “where the walls come alive in bandra, mumbai

  1. How absolutely beautiful. I loved all the pics on the other site as well. I had no idea India had such amazing graffiti! Really pretty cool!


  2. anu the little boy is no longer there… he’s been ‘white-washed’ but haven’t gone back recently to see if anything else is up there… amazing work in those lanes. you must go back soon and so must i… maybe we could make it a sunday morning photo-walk πŸ˜€


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