it’s my 100th post!

100 posts done… that is a huge milestone for me, one i didn’t see at the starting line of this long marathon i am choosing to run.

i started this blog more than 2 years ago. by started, i mean i got an account on wordpress, decided i would call it sodaglass and then never wrote…  after a year i figured what i wanted to call it, and renamed it! by then as you might know, i had sent many mails to editors, trying to get them to let me write for their travel magazine. that’s another post and it’s already up here

when i posted my 99th post, i knew it was huge. and as much as my 100th should be about travel and some other lovely place that opened my eyes wider, i decided to dedicate this 100th post to this blog, to it has changed my life and definitely deserves a mention!

merry to go around started with a very clear objective: to serve as an entry to a travel blog competition. this competition had been announced for the month of october 2012.  i took it up as a challenge. it was one month to a travel blog!  but how does one travel that much in a month and populate a blog?

i cheated… yes i did!! i wrote a LOT of posts and backdated them… the idea being the judges would think that i had maintained this blog over a year. i wrote one post everyday. i didn’t share it with anyone, not even my husband or mother. i worked hard everyday, wrote and wrote and wrote. the submission date etched in my head was 31st october but it was the 30th! the day came & passed by with no attention, and i didn’t submit my blog. on discovering this fiasco, i did what i normally do when upset, i cried, a lot and inconsolably for sometime.

took a long break from the ‘damn’ blog, but then a few days later, i wanted to write. and i wanted people to read more.

and here we are now 100 posts later with so much changed and so many opportunities that are coming my way, all thanks to this blog.

so, happy, happy century dear blog… hope you have many more posts and travel to higher places!

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and come back to read more! 

17 thoughts on “it’s my 100th post!

  1. Congrats for this great achievement….it is interesting to read ur journey on ur blog!!
    I think i hv read only those u hv been sharing… curious to read all those you wrote a year back 🙂
    Will find time……keep writing…….


  2. that was quick 🙂 you beat amma to a comment here!

    thanks thanks thanks. glad you enjoy this rambling of mine and please do keep reading!


    May this be just the beginning hundred for you . . .
    One leading into another, may your blog grow into a trillion billion posts, like stars shinning in the sky.

    leaves hum
    on a gentle note
    a restfulness
    as I lie under the canopy
    of dancing thoughts

    Yes, your blog has done wonders for you – you have found your calling – one of the most comforting things in one’s life. I’m really happy for you ^_^

    I remember how you and Bharat always loved to listen to stories.

    as mother feeds
    her grandchildren
    with stories
    listening wide-eyed
    they eat the air

    Wishing you all the very best always.


  4. thanks amma! a trillion, billion posts – wow you are actually wishing me immortality! 😀 😀 😀
    yes, hoping to tell many more stories going forward!


  5. a big congrats to you bhavani! it’s a lovely story you’ve shared..i am sure we all have gone through such phases in life; sharing it is beautiful..i think things eventually fall into place if we stick to doing what we love doing..not so much for ‘success’ but for the love of it:)


  6. thanks uday… need to find (important), accept (even more important) and then stick to things we love. i struggled with point 2, weirdly! and just at the starting line for point 3 🙂

    and then sometimes we tend to lose sight of the reasons we begun. i am still so close to the starting line that i haven’t forgotten it and the reasons i am here. hope i don’t even in the future!


  7. AWESOME !!! 🙂 

    >________________________________ > From: merry to go around >To: >Sent: Tuesday, 10 September 2013 11:49 PM >Subject: [New post] it’s my 100th post! > > > > >bhavani posted: “my 100th post, that is a huge milestone… a long journey! i started this blog more than 2 years ago. by started, i mean i got an account on wordpress, decided i would call it sodaglass and then never wrote…  after a year i figured what i wanted to cal” >


  8. Keep hitting 100s Bhavani… I dont want to tell a lie by leaving you to think ‘I must’ve read’ all your posts…but sure I would do it one by one in the days to come. Congrats!!!


  9. Thanks Srimami! You do read, you even read my guest post on another blog! many thanks, it is really sweet of you!

    Should hit the next century even faster than this one, T20 style!! 🙂


  10. hey D, thanks! 🙂

    yeah century and all. sounds too cool, didnt think would get here but here i am less than a year after i got active online and it feels good. yes all those emotions and persistence, didn’t think i had any of that.


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