weekly photo challenge: joy is…

joy is…

… seeing the taj mahal for the first time

sitting beautiful and snug: taj mahal

… that smile which took many jokes to make its shy appearance

driver & guide at paro, bhutan

joy is… being told you are looking directly at mt. everest

my co-companion - mt. everest...

joy is… wild mushrooms after the first rains and the smell of green!

wild fungus

joy is… that blog post that breaks all your previous records

supriya sehgal with victoria wlaka

joy is… the innocence in a child

grinner at chamonix

joy is… a new experience

touching an elephant at pinnawala, sri lanka

joy is… is that perfect companion in a remote village

toe conversations

joy is… an open smile

jaipur bangle seller

joy is travel. travel. and more travel.


put together for: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/weekly-photo-challenge-joy/



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11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: joy is…

  1. true true..

    The last time I went was with a first-timer, could see the amazement, wonder, joy and surprise on his face.

    In spite of all the pictures you’ve seen before you get there, the Taj still surprises you when you see it. Don’t you think so?


  2. Absolutely, we went at sunrise and the colour change in the marble was mesmerizing. The Taj looks like something out of a dream. If I were to go again I’m sure it would amaze and stun, just like the first time.

    Some of the pictures I took are here (love yours too, btw!):

    Taj Mahal


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