velas: baby steps into the future

The cheering got louder as one of the hatchlings overtook Usain Bolt. It stopped just before the water, and the crowd became quiet, waiting. The hatchling lurched forward, but was pushed back by a wave. A collective sigh escaped. The hatchling edged on, moving slowly through the cloggy sand, till another wave carried it into the water, to its home. The crowd clapped, happy. In those 20 minutes, we had felt we were part of that tiny turtle’s journey. Continue reading velas: baby steps into the future

how many shades of blue do you see?

The pilot had announced his last instruction to the crew… that was it, we were landing. After my seven hour odd journey from Delhi, I would be arriving at the island nation of Mauritius. The next few minutes would be my first encounter with the shimmering blue country which looked like paradise in pictures online. The clouds parted, as if acknowledging my thirst, and the mountains rose to greet us. The … Continue reading how many shades of blue do you see?

the graffiti festival mumbai!

This Sunday, after having seen multiple updates on St. Art Delhi’s Facebook page, I decided to go and check out the latest art that was dotting walls across Mumbai. If you’ve read my previous pieces you will know that graffiti and me have a strong relationship, of course, it’s one sided for now! Read more here. At the entrance to Pali Village is this black and white large … Continue reading the graffiti festival mumbai!

bandra & the bandra fest: your walking tour guide!

The annual Feast of Nativity of Mary is here and with it the Bandra Fest. If you’re wondering how you can be a part of it, without getting bogged down by the thronging crowds, stalls, noise… then check out this post. This is specially customised walking tour around Mount Mary Church in Bandra. Two birds with one stone – helps you discover old parts of this suburb before it became the hip-n-happening place it is today and experience the energy of the Bandra Fest. Follow the google map, or create your own tour. It’s upto you! Welcome to the Bandra & Bandra Fest tour! Continue reading bandra & the bandra fest: your walking tour guide!

have you been to devaraja market, mysore?

A company is running a competition for ‘vibrant india’ and it got me thinking about some of my pictures from Mysore. Don’t you think bazaars are such colourful places? they make for great photographs, lovely afternoons walking around and struggling attempts at good candid shots, without attracting glares. Simple curiosity is always good– it results in great conversations always. This is Mysore’s Devaraja Market. It is more than … Continue reading have you been to devaraja market, mysore?

Iron drums at Kochi beach front

i walk by, wondering, thinking, wondering… approach, almost touch, peep into the holes on the sides, get shocked by the garbage, step back, almost touch again, step back. [hmmm] what are these two iron drums i say to myself? not wanting to leave, i wait there. maybe it’ll strike me? before minutes turn into hours, a man walks up to them. he looks, smiles knowingly, then … Continue reading Iron drums at Kochi beach front

painting the streets of india

This is my latest article and it’s about what I love about streets in India… The emergence and growth Modern Graffiti – calling it that because the argument is Indians have always decorated walls, and I agree. This is more about street art that is either edgy, abstract or murals — far from our regular “mango” and other ethnic designs. Not to look down on Indian designs … Continue reading painting the streets of india