have you been to devaraja market, mysore?

A company is running a competition for ‘vibrant india’ and it got me thinking about some of my pictures from Mysore. Don’t you think bazaars are such colourful places? they make for great photographs, lovely afternoons walking around and struggling attempts at good candid shots, without attracting glares. Simple curiosity is always good– it results in great conversations always. This is Mysore’s Devaraja Market. It is more than a 125 years old, and might not have the gothic elements of Crawford Market in Mumbai, but it’s definitely got a lot of charm and atmosphere. Take a walk about with me.

Welcome. Make yourself at home and walk among these tented shops with colourful canopy. I almost feel like I’m amongst the colourful umbrellas of Cinque Terre, Italy. It was the exact same colour scheme! Walk down these lanes, peep into shops.

The lane with the flower shops it undoubtedly the most beautiful. Each pile a different colour and each seller with a different smile! The range of garlands. These big heavy ones are for offerings to Gods and Goddesses (a bigger bribe!) or for a marriage. 

And if you thought this market has this range of products that would leave you amazed. Do not forget to visit the agarbatti or incense stick shops — they stock the famous Mysore hand-made agarbattis. 

Visit this market. It comes alive during festive season. The shopowners are not too shy about posing and you might catch some lovely pictures and get some interesting stories. While you are there, do not forget to check out the Chikka Gadiyara or small clock tower or Dufferin Clock tower – built for Lord Dufferin’s visit. It’s vintage kitsch oozing from each of those colourful tiles — if this is even kitsch. [I never really know what ‘kitsch’ is exactly. Do you?]

Co-ordinates: Devaraja Market
Sayyaji Rao Rd, Shivarampet, Mysore, Karnataka
12.310897, 76.652009

5 thoughts on “have you been to devaraja market, mysore?

  1. Farmer’s markets in the US aren’t as colorful or have the variety. Good work showcasing this.


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