journeys are more in the mind than body.

memories over time – indonesia revisited

It is funny what you remember of a place, or an experience. And also how you cannot predict what you will remember many years from now and how you will react to it. I didn’t travel much as a child, travel wasn’t as cool or ‘required’ for ‘horizon broadening’ as we think it is today. We were carted from home to ‘native place’ once a … Continue reading memories over time – indonesia revisited

waddle on!

Hello everyone. At the outset, my apologies. I have been very irregular here and I have no excuses. I had no ideas/motivation in October. Then to push myself to write more I’ve set myself some huge targets in writing for November and December and taken on some work that maybe I shouldn’t have given the time = money equation. What am I upto? I am working on … Continue reading waddle on!

8 must do experiences at dover

This is my first piece that’s up at, yes the name is suspiciously close to my last editing assignment… but everyone seems to love connecting ‘happiness’ with ‘travel’. And I’m most happy about this. (Did I push it too much?) 8 experiences you do not want to miss in Dover Dover stands facing France at the point closest to the European Continent with just the English Channel … Continue reading 8 must do experiences at dover

the market lanes of port louis. let’s go (s)hopping!

There is something that must be said about walking amongst people. I don’t think it’s an Indian thing – this particular love to experience a place through the crowds that throng the streets. I’ve met people who live in countries with really low density who like experiencing new countries/cities through the people. I think it stems from the greater need to join in, to belong, and to be … Continue reading the market lanes of port louis. let’s go (s)hopping!

luxury comes to stay at mauritius – part 2

I was in Mauritius for a week in July, and it was such a packed week, that I could write multiple posts about every activity we did. In my previous post about Mauritius, I had told you about what I did on the first three days, now I’ll go on with all the other action. If you’ve missed out on that first piece do read it … Continue reading luxury comes to stay at mauritius – part 2

how many shades of blue do you see?

The pilot had announced his last instruction to the crew… that was it, we were landing. After my seven hour odd journey from Delhi, I would be arriving at the island nation of Mauritius. The next few minutes would be my first encounter with the shimmering blue country which looked like paradise in pictures online. The clouds parted, as if acknowledging my thirst, and the mountains rose to greet us. The … Continue reading how many shades of blue do you see?

the importance of being mauritian

I was in Mauritius all of last week. And like all social media addicts, I bombarded my accounts with photographs and status updates, more to quench my need to have a voice in the maze of travel writers, than to actually be of some use. Or so I think. Now that I am back, and have the luxury of longer posts, and more space to express, I hope to … Continue reading the importance of being mauritian