waddle on!

Hello everyone. At the outset, my apologies. I have been very irregular here and I have no excuses. I had no ideas/motivation in October. Then to push myself to write more I’ve set myself some huge targets in writing for November and December and taken on some work that maybe I shouldn’t have given the time = money equation. What am I upto? I am working on … Continue reading waddle on!

8 must do experiences at dover

This is my first piece that’s up at HappyTrips.com, yes the name is suspiciously close to my last editing assignment… but everyone seems to love connecting ‘happiness’ with ‘travel’. And I’m most happy about this. (Did I push it too much?) 8 experiences you do not want to miss in Dover Dover stands facing France at the point closest to the European Continent with just the English Channel … Continue reading 8 must do experiences at dover

hello & I will be back

Hello! I haven’t been here for around two weeks and that is shabby on my part. I haven’t really been busy enough to use that excuse… let’s just say I didn’t end up writing so there are posts in the ‘draft’ mode that haven’t been published (edited sufficiently!). I am rushing away today to Himachal on a two week work trip and will be back only towards … Continue reading hello & I will be back

why you should stay at anegudi not hampi

First Published at: Why I’m Glad I Stayed at Anegudi Instead of Hampi (The Alternative) The turn of the highway was just before the toll-road, my husband and I debated whether it was the right one, but with no mobile network to reconfirm, the satellites directed. We were bang in the middle of our 10 day long road-trip from Mumbai to Karnataka. Earlier in the day we … Continue reading why you should stay at anegudi not hampi

the sydney harbour bridge, more pictures and stories coming soon!

hello, thank you and i’m printed!

hello everyone, this is a thank you note to all the readers who have been visiting this blog even though I’ve been AWOL (I learnt the full form only today) for the longest time. while i didn’t mention it here on the blog, but did on facebook (follow the page fbl.me/mtga to be inundated by more me, me and me!) i was away in AUSTRALASIA (say it loudly … Continue reading hello, thank you and i’m printed!

I’m in the national geographic traveller india!

I’m in the National Geographic Traveller India – November Issue. Yes, I need to say it aloud often to believe it. It might not be a big deal, but it is my first article in such a reputed travel magazine’s print edition. I have written about this homestay in Bhimtal, Kumaon region in the North of India. The article is tucked away in the ‘Stay’ Section. Needless … Continue reading I’m in the national geographic traveller india!

And I’m printed!

Some things just creep up on you. And realisation dawns slowly, but then the joy blooms. Editor: “Can I run some of your pieces that have already appeared in an online magazine?” Me: “Ok, that’ll be great.” A pause and then a second email followed… Me: “Will they pay?” Editor: “No, we cannot… sorry.” Me: “Ok, fine…It’s good exposure” (And in my head, Damn DAMN DAMNNN… But … Continue reading And I’m printed!

purushwadi is now up at the alternative!

if i haven’t reached you through facebook or twitter, then i will try and reach out to you here. my article on my trip to purushwadi is now up at thealternative! yipeee 🙂 this is one of my favourite websites for sustainability, though really bad pay masters! if you haven’t come across them earlier, then do visit their site now. they cover a range of really … Continue reading purushwadi is now up at the alternative!