the sydney harbour bridge, more pictures and stories coming soon!

hello, thank you and i’m printed!

hello everyone,

this is a thank you note to all the readers who have been visiting this blog even though I’ve been AWOL (I learnt the full form only today) for the longest time. while i didn’t mention it here on the blog, but did on facebook (follow the page to be inundated by more me, me and me!) i was away in AUSTRALASIA (say it loudly and with nice round eyes!). and yes, another new term learnt. didn’t know australia and new zealand together are called australasia… poor geography for someone who aspires to travel around the world i’d think. anyway, moving on! thank you to all of you who’ve been visiting, reading, leaving comments and likes. i appreciate it, truly, and it definitely made me feel awesome 🙂

there were regular updates on facebook about where we were, what we were doing and also what we were eating. if you haven’t caught it you still can by visiting to check out the pictures or else wait up some posts are coming up right here for sure!

3 days after i was back at my desk at home, it was great to receive a copy of Travel Plus (India Today) with my article in it! there are a couple of huge editing guffaws, few lines unceremoniously ditched which means there are leaps that the reader might not be able to get. or maybe you will and it’s just me that saw the need for a connecting line, and if you think so, then let me know i am worrying without cause. eitherways, i’m all smiles and super proud. it’s just two articles in print magazines so far, but a slow and steady start maybe? click to read more.

Travel Plus - Breathless - Bhavani

Travel Plus – Breathless – Bhavani

kia ora,

p.s. i loved that greeting. it is maori greeting from new zealand that means hi, and can even be used to say bye or thank you. i’m saying all three to you.

the sydney harbour bridge, more pictures and stories coming soon!
the sydney harbour bridge, more pictures and stories coming soon soon soon!

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