mOOOOnster wind, lOla and kitty-cat

This story was written for some illustrations that were sent to me—almost the opposite of the usual process—story and then illustrations. It didn’t make it to the final selection as the editor didn’t like it. It was my first piece of fiction that I shared with the world, and I still like it. More than a year later, as I read it, I’m quite happy. Think it would have made a cute story and it showed potential to expand into a book about trees and nature.
The illustrations I wrote this for had a little girl, a cat, a ferocious gust of wind, a big tree and their dance together. There were 4 illustrations so each paragraph went with one illustration. You do need the illustrations to get the story, but then again, do you? Here goes.

MOOOOnster Wind, Lola and Kitty-cat

It was a fine evening, so Lola decided to take kitty-cat for a walk…
But as you know kitty-cats don’t get ‘taken’ for walks
So what really happened, kitty-cat–or Miss Naina, as she likes to call herself–went for a walk, and Lola followed.
But, they walked right into Mister Wind or Mister-MOOOOnster Wind; they never really understood him!

MOOOOnster Wind seemed to be upset about something and just swept them up….
Up they went
Higher and higher
Then dropped down low
To the right
Then to the left
Lola didn’t know where kitty-cat was!
Miss Naina wished she was in Lola’s arms, for once.

Then, thankfully, they saw Peepalji, the Tree, and called out, “Hhhhheeelllpppppp”

—Excuse me Mr. Narrator, I prefer to be called Peeps.
Peepalji makes me sound like an auntiji, but I am young, just 50 years old!

—OK Peeps it is! May we get on with the story?
—Yes, please continue… sorry to interrupt!

Peeps spread out her arms wide, and wider.
MOOOOnster Wind had to go through the leaves…

There was a chan-chan
A phan-phan…
And Lola and Miss Naina were caught by Peeps
She had spun them around with her long arms
And out they tumbled….
… Out of MOOOnster Wind’s tight embrace
To land gently on the green-green-green grass…
Oh it tickled Lola and Miss Naina… hohohihehuaheihoi… Fresh, green grass can be quite prickly & tickle-y, don’t you think?

Lola and Miss Naina looked up at Peeps and grinned!
They promised to love her. Forever and ever and ever… and ever.

…what about you?

Girl and Cat 2
Image Credit: Google Images

4 thoughts on “mOOOOnster wind, lOla and kitty-cat

  1. Nice! since I’ve been reading a lot of children’s’books I think this one definitely can be a winner in that category:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks for reading so much 🙂 always feel writing is incomplete till the reader completes the circle…

    i love this story too… it sounds like such fun to be caught by a tree and slide down her arms! 😀 maybe one day will take it up again and expand on it.


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