our beach-side home for the next 4 nights

Searching for a place that matched all our criteria look a little bit of time. We wanted an Airbnb/homestay where Inji could be off-leash and free to roam around. He isn’t a dog that comes on recall, so it needed to be a manageable sized property. We started with the hunt for a villa with a private pool, having had dreams of swimming with the … Continue reading our beach-side home for the next 4 nights

velas: baby steps into the future

The cheering got louder as one of the hatchlings overtook Usain Bolt. It stopped just before the water, and the crowd became quiet, waiting. The hatchling lurched forward, but was pushed back by a wave. A collective sigh escaped. The hatchling edged on, moving slowly through the cloggy sand, till another wave carried it into the water, to its home. The crowd clapped, happy. In those 20 minutes, we had felt we were part of that tiny turtle’s journey. Continue reading velas: baby steps into the future

best road trips from mumbai

Do you enjoy travelling? Yes? Well, then you must travel in the monsoons (or just after) because the rains make everything beautiful. It feels like India is born again, blooming, flourishing and glowing – well in a nature kind of way. You see her in the prime of youth, all decked up in myriad shades of green. Nature does put on a great show for you, and don’t you want a ring … Continue reading best road trips from mumbai

luxury comes to stay at mauritius – part 2

I was in Mauritius for a week in July, and it was such a packed week, that I could write multiple posts about every activity we did. In my previous post about Mauritius, I had told you about what I did on the first three days, now I’ll go on with all the other action. If you’ve missed out on that first piece do read it … Continue reading luxury comes to stay at mauritius – part 2

how many shades of blue do you see?

The pilot had announced his last instruction to the crew… that was it, we were landing. After my seven hour odd journey from Delhi, I would be arriving at the island nation of Mauritius. The next few minutes would be my first encounter with the shimmering blue country which looked like paradise in pictures online. The clouds parted, as if acknowledging my thirst, and the mountains rose to greet us. The … Continue reading how many shades of blue do you see?

nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

it was a tiny stream of water that flowed unobserved, hidden behind those green trees and plants, till we approached there was no river. through the thin layer of water the pebbles shone. polished with years of slow and simple weathering unlike the instant glitter of stones that mingled with man-made blades. the sun that drizzled in, soft yet warm through this intricate patterns of leaves that only nature can throw … Continue reading nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

walking like the locals

“It’s just here only… Step out of our gate, walk for around 5 minutes. You’ll see a chhota road, take that and keep walking. It’s easy. Max to max one hour, you’ll reach.” This was the guest manager at Three Chimneys Gethia, our halt for two nights near Nainital. And we believed her; that was probably smart and dumb at the same time. The road suggested … Continue reading walking like the locals

TOP 5 drives out of mumbai

the rains are finally coming to an end. just after the monsoons, the greenery in Maharashtra is at its peak, before the descent into dried yellow oblivion. this is the best time to head out on that long drive and soak up the peace and quiet of being on the road. here travel is not about the destination but about the journey, in the truest sense.

check out my favourite drives out of mumbai. Continue reading TOP 5 drives out of mumbai