nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

it was a tiny stream of water that flowed unobserved, hidden behind those green trees and plants, till we approached there was no river. through the thin layer of water the pebbles shone. polished with years of slow and simple weathering unlike the instant glitter of stones that mingled with man-made blades. the sun that drizzled in, soft yet warm through this intricate patterns of leaves that only nature can throw out. the entire eco-system was covered with the plants, tiny frogs, bugs and birds dipping in an out for their afternoon sip of water. a tall banana palm stood by the side and its leaves dipped into the water, almost caressing it, as if they were paying obeisance. the water skaters did their dance, showed off their lightness.

PLONK! (maybe a frog?)

then silence. utter silence. then slowing, and gently, the birds, insects and leaves filled up the silence with the subtle noises of the forest. not one sound jolted, they were distinct yet in harmony. the calls of the different birds, the squeaks of the insects and the rustle of the leaves all meshed together, filling up the spaces in harmony.

i stood in the water, legs dipped precociously in the water yet squeamish about touching anything slimy. i pushed my toes on the pebbles and felt their smooth surfaces…. years of work to iron out the roughness. i sat there quietly, in my own harmony, with all those other little creatures.


4 thoughts on “nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

  1. Thanks giri… 🙂
    Wanted to be able to recreate the river as i saw it. And without any pictures to aid the reader. Been at this since Sept, but don’t think it’s the yet. Need to keep working on it.


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