nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

it was a tiny stream of water that flowed unobserved, hidden behind those green trees and plants, till we approached there was no river. through the thin layer of water the pebbles shone. polished with years of slow and simple weathering unlike the instant glitter of stones that mingled with man-made blades. the sun that drizzled in, soft yet warm through this intricate patterns of leaves that only nature can throw … Continue reading nature’s orchestra plays out at coorg

the bridges that grow!

A couple of years ago, three of us went on an all-girls trip to Meghalaya . Deciding against popular tourist haunts, we skipped the main Cherrapunji town and made our way to a hotel 15 km in the outskirts instead. The Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, contrary to the name, is a family run guesthouse perched on top of a hill that boasts better views than Cherrapunji … Continue reading the bridges that grow!

varanasi by the ganga: a sketch

it was the first night at varanasi. as i decided to venture into the dark  & dingy ganga-fuji restaurant. the owner waxed eloquent about his food and chatted about tourists, varanasi and everything by the river. the food turned out to be decent though not as brilliant as he promised it would be. he was warm and chatty and made the experience interesting. what i liked … Continue reading varanasi by the ganga: a sketch

desilting the ghats of varanasi

every year, the ganga changes during the monsoon. she becomes mightier than ever… moves swiftly, charging down the slopes, and everywhere by her banks are signs of warning. “do not enter the water”. she becomes inaccessible to the fervent pilgrim & untouchable to the adventurous rafter. she courses down the mountain, as if she owns the land. as if she was never tamed in shiva’s … Continue reading desilting the ghats of varanasi

meeting the lifeline of india…

an angry rivulet rushes down the calm valley announcing its presence at every curve and every bend with a loud gush colliding with another river at dev prayag, to become the mighty, revered and feared river of india continues coursing through settlements and cities almost dismissive of their large presence and almost dawdling like a large pregnant woman at varanasi but still seething below then … Continue reading meeting the lifeline of india…