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velas: baby steps into the future

The cheering got louder as one of the hatchlings overtook Usain Bolt. It stopped just before the water, and the crowd became quiet, waiting. The hatchling lurched forward, but was pushed back by a wave. A collective sigh escaped. The hatchling edged on, moving slowly through the cloggy sand, till another wave carried it into the water, to its home. The crowd clapped, happy. In those 20 minutes, we had felt we were part of that tiny turtle’s journey. Continue reading velas: baby steps into the future

journeys are more in the mind than body.

memories over time – indonesia revisited

It is funny what you remember of a place, or an experience. And also how you cannot predict what you will remember many years from now and how you will react to it. I didn’t travel much as a child, travel wasn’t as cool or ‘required’ for ‘horizon broadening’ as we think it is today. We were carted from home to ‘native place’ once a … Continue reading memories over time – indonesia revisited

pedi-cures that don’t cure and life

I got a pedicure yesterday. It isn’t that big a deal in the current world of persistent groomers, but given that I get it twice a year at best, it’s a big event in my life. Also we have a puppy nows so even small things like pedicures need to be fitted into schedules. Just to clarify, I’m not anti-grooming but I must admit, I do see people … Continue reading pedi-cures that don’t cure and life

The distant towers, a future that the slum-dwellers aspire to or not?   © YGLVoices Flickr. (

boundaries of consent: a walk through dharavi

“Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia,” our guide Jitu said, who had grown up in Dharavi. His hand moved wide to show the expanse and his words are laced with pride. This fact is no longer true, for a slum in Karachi, Pakistan* has overtaken Dharavi. But his pride made me look down at my feet enclosed in shoes to brave the overflowing gutters and … Continue reading boundaries of consent: a walk through dharavi

penguin parade cover

waddle on!

Hello everyone. At the outset, my apologies. I have been very irregular here and I have no excuses. I had no ideas/motivation in October. Then to push myself to write more I’ve set myself some huge targets in writing for November and December and taken on some work that maybe I shouldn’t have given the time = money equation. What am I upto? I am working on … Continue reading waddle on!