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10 rules for writing by famous authors

I wondered about the title, 10 Rules for Writing by Famous Authors, whether it should be ‘writers’ or ‘authors’. When in doubt I always ask the ever-present, ever-enthusiastic Google. I did and in a few seconds it got back to me with “A writer is a person who writes a book, article, or any literary piece, while an author is essentially the person who originates the … Continue reading 10 rules for writing by famous authors

where the wild things should be!

Wildlife Conservation & You, a Bangalore based non-profit, organised a conference in Mumbai on 6th June. The aim of the conference was to connect wildlife enthusiasts with conservationists. This is the third year it has been held, though previously only in Bangalore. Around 50 participants spent their Saturday munching over the thoughts and words during five interactive sessions and a panel discussion. The day began … Continue reading where the wild things should be!

#100womenproject – meet amruta

This is Amruta. I met her more than three years ago while traveling across Maharashtra on a project for Getoff Ur Ass. I had spoken to her over the phone and she sounded welcoming, but I had no clue how she would be in person. I shouldn’t have even wondered! I got down from the State Transport Bus in a strange small town, took an autorickshaw to her house and … Continue reading #100womenproject – meet amruta

confessions of a serial traveller

i would like to pack my bag, not have to work and travel all my life. wouldn’t you too? BUT (and there is always a but in most dreams) there are bills to be paid, EMIs to be deducted, restaurants to eat at and tonnes of books i must-must own. so we stay put, dig in our heels, settle into this city, feel jealous of RTW travellers and look forward … Continue reading confessions of a serial traveller

wednesday: link day

links that have been looking interesting this week: paul theroux’s 10 tips for aspiring writers sidin vadukut had me on the floor with this piece and i’m not even a mom… read ” my baby between the times of 3 and 4 am a poem” because i like her style, i like her poetry. the poetry of pavithra k. mehta, the poetry of happiness. this is an old poem, but … Continue reading wednesday: link day

Supriya Sehgal is merrytoTALK

This is a new series where travellers who’ve taken the unpaved road talk about their experiences, trysts and their life. Welcome to merrytoTALK. Hope to bring together a bunch of people who inspire me with their wandering lives 🙂 The first person to meet is SUPRIYA SEHGAL! I was first introduced to her as a friend’s friend in Bangalore, and then found myself hoping she would give … Continue reading Supriya Sehgal is merrytoTALK