confessions of a serial traveller

i would like to pack my bag, not have to work and travel all my life. wouldn’t you too?

BUT (and there is always a but in most dreams) there are bills to be paid, EMIs to be deducted, restaurants to eat at and tonnes of books i must-must own. so we stay put, dig in our heels, settle into this city, feel jealous of RTW travellers and look forward to those LONG weekends!

2014 has tonnes of those, so let me tell you how i plot to maximise every little teeny-weeny holiday and make it into a HUGE one. (look at my 2013 travel chart if you need proof of how i maxmise!)

first things first. get hold of the holiday list. once in hand, i get acquainted. simply put, i can rattle of the list even in my sleep. why? helps to know when that day falls, how many per month, which month is light on work and which long weekend can blossom into a wonderful trip.

killer rule: know your target 

 i am a freelance writer and i choose my husband’s holidays as mine.

killer rule: get hold of the co-traveller’s target list

plot, scheme and plan. yes, it’s cool to say you travel impulsively. doesn’t work in india – everything is sold out months in advance and if you are like me, you always want the cheapest best room 😀 definitely, plan those guaranteed long weekends that everyone else will also have… 15th august, 2nd &3rd october, 25th december to name a few.

killer rule: ‘premeditated’ is the way

maximise those hidden holidays…. tuesday and thursday holidays are begging for a monday and friday’s company. don’t deny them that pleasure now… two’s company 😀

killer rule: kill two days with one stone 

escape your city. many of us live in urban, populated, chaotic cities. escape when there is a threat that it will get worse. in mumbai – run away during ganesh chaturthi. 29th friday is a long holiday. and if you can spare the week away from work, stay away till visarjan or immersion – as that’s the true killer day!

killer rule: escape detention!

and the best rule of them all. come back to check out my suggestions for upcoming long weekends. it’ll be shorts posts with suggestions on cities and places of to stay. the rest is upto you to explore 🙂

killer rule: don’t go anywhere <wink> 


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