lavender flowers and whispers

this was the first time i have consciously seen lavender flowers (and i think these are lavender flowers). i saw them from a distance and went running saying, ‘lavender, lavender…’ so if these aren’t lavender flowers please don’t tell me so, i’m oblivious-ly happy. (pun completely and totally intended; i thought through it – i wonder why people say unintended!) i have heard about those beautiful … Continue reading lavender flowers and whispers

book review: ‘ghana must go’ by taiye selasi

the first few pages are an index of words, pronunciations and meanings. i was confused. what did that mean? did i need to remember it all while i went through the book? the page after that has this family tree and that seemed to add to the confusion. i remember reading those initial few pages and while i feel a certain tie to all people of coloured … Continue reading book review: ‘ghana must go’ by taiye selasi