the importance of being mauritian

I was in Mauritius all of last week. And like all social media addicts, I bombarded my accounts with photographs and status updates, more to quench my need to have a voice in the maze of travel writers, than to actually be of some use. Or so I think. Now that I am back, and have the luxury of longer posts, and more space to express, I hope to … Continue reading the importance of being mauritian

the girl in rural andhra pradesh

august, 2009 – rural andhra pradesh near kurnool.  it was a rural research study in andhra pradesh to understand awareness, malnutrition and the lives of village girls. the study meant it had to be conducted in a village off a town, X kms inside from the highway and many other criteria! having gotten through all of these obstacles, after traveling 2 hours from the nearby town of … Continue reading the girl in rural andhra pradesh

the ghats of varanasi

The ghats of Varanasi are a fantastic interaction with India in all shapes, sizes, forms and volume levels! Like a densely packed Gujarati thaali, there is always something new and lots of choice to find your favourite!  Cows jostling along with the faithful, and then street dogs chasing each other. In the water, the fervent believer dipping his head in the water, making his offerings to … Continue reading the ghats of varanasi

Supriya Sehgal is merrytoTALK

This is a new series where travellers who’ve taken the unpaved road talk about their experiences, trysts and their life. Welcome to merrytoTALK. Hope to bring together a bunch of people who inspire me with their wandering lives 🙂 The first person to meet is SUPRIYA SEHGAL! I was first introduced to her as a friend’s friend in Bangalore, and then found myself hoping she would give … Continue reading Supriya Sehgal is merrytoTALK