wednesday: link day

links that have been looking interesting this week:

paul theroux’s 10 tips for aspiring writers

paul theroux (c) wanderlust
paul theroux (c) wanderlust

sidin vadukut had me on the floor with this piece and i’m not even a mom… read ” my baby between the times of 3 and 4 am a poem”

because i like her style, i like her poetry. the poetry of pavithra k. mehta, the poetry of happiness. this is an old poem, but when i received the mailer about a new one, i was tempted to go back and read the older one… and read the latest piece: poetry of porcupines.

how does one be an explorer? “no.3 everything is interesting, look closer”

(c) brainpickings & keri smith
(c) brainpickings & keri smith

and the last piece by william darlymple. i got introduced to lutyen’s only after i read his book ‘the city of djinns‘ & i loved that book as you can see from my post about it! click on this link to read about the demolition and destruction of this set of bungalows. and with it, probably one of the most beautiful set of buildings in the centre of any city in india. click here.

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