change my world

i started blogging regularly around one year and two months ago. and this is my first competition…. i need YOUR help

and i want to be a strong contender. i want to be in the top 25.

what won’t i do for free travel. what won’t you do for free travel. the kerala tourism board has been luring all the participants with all the beautiful places in store – from the backwaters, to the hills, to cliffs by the sea and to the forests.

what won’t i risk to get into this luckiest group of 25 bloggers and photographers who get to be shown the green, green kerala. i even risk your ire, with my repetitive reminders, incessant calling for votes on all social media and even in your inbox.

that’s how badly i want to win.

can you make a difference? you can make a huge one!

i’m using my favourite quote by margaret mead, to elicit the point. you might not change THE world but you will definitely change MY world!

margaret mead

change my world. and vote for me at keralablogexpress. i need each and every vote. just 24 hours left for the competition to close.

click on this link and change my world.


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