maragoo’s world

Written for a prompt by Women’s Web, my first fiction story to be published. I am thrilled and was grinning from ear to ear for the longest time! Posting it here for those of you who haven’t caught my regular bubbling about this story on my social media streams. I do wish to take this further; had some great inspiration this weekend, so hope I write a bit more soon. … Continue reading maragoo’s world

help me win a trip to god’s own country

yes. its been a bit of a harassing spell from my end to all those people whose email ids i have, to all those on my facebook timeline… i am back here to persuade all those 300+ subscribers to my blog. there is a competition being run by the kerala tourism board and 25 lucky winners get to go for a two-week trip from the north … Continue reading help me win a trip to god’s own country