nice gals might finish ‘first’!

Years ago I had visited London just after I quit my job and was still searching for what I wanted to be, how I wanted to define myself. That trip to Europe was how I spent most of the money in my bank account. On one leg of that mammoth trip I was making my way to Cornwall from London. I had booked my train tickets online from … Continue reading nice gals might finish ‘first’!

paddy fields, bugs and random walks

I like walking around villages and the back-roads, chucking the route the car would take and just walking, till I find my way home. And rural Kerala, or maybe all villages, just cough up such trails effortlessly. Years ago, we’d walked around the farmland at Kooderi Manna and reached a railway track. City-bred me had never placed a coin and watched a train rush over … Continue reading paddy fields, bugs and random walks

exploring turkey with (contest)

Every travel or journey where I have used what I’d like to call a ‘Slow Mode’ of transport has been richer in textures, in experiences and in details that I end up remembering it for long. As we walked through the lanes of Bangkok to reach the river, we saw cafes and tiny shops that we would have otherwise bypassed. I bought a lovely cotton bag that says … Continue reading exploring turkey with (contest)