waddle on!

Hello everyone. At the outset, my apologies. I have been very irregular here and I have no excuses. I had no ideas/motivation in October. Then to push myself to write more I’ve set myself some huge targets in writing for November and December and taken on some work that maybe I shouldn’t have given the time = money equation. What am I upto? I am working on … Continue reading waddle on!

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10 rules for writing by famous authors

I wondered about the title, 10 Rules for Writing by Famous Authors, whether it should be ‘writers’ or ‘authors’. When in doubt I always ask the ever-present, ever-enthusiastic Google. I did and in a few seconds it got back to me with “A writer is a person who writes a book, article, or any literary piece, while an author is essentially the person who originates the … Continue reading 10 rules for writing by famous authors

mOOOOnster wind, lOla and kitty-cat

This story was written for some illustrations that were sent to me—almost the opposite of the usual process—story and then illustrations. It didn’t make it to the final selection as the editor didn’t like it. It was my first piece of fiction that I shared with the world, and I still like it. More than a year later, as I read it, I’m quite happy. … Continue reading mOOOOnster wind, lOla and kitty-cat

100 books in #365days by August 2014 – where am i today?

i am swimming in an ocean of images, of coherent thoughts, of brilliant cliches and hardworking words… i am traveling, lunching in multiple cities, dreaming in new continents, sleeping in different beds and trying to understand life through another’s strife. i am seeing a new part of myself as i discover my own roots too! the brilliance of stories. presenting the list of books done … Continue reading 100 books in #365days by August 2014 – where am i today?