mOOOOnster wind, lOla and kitty-cat

This story was written for some illustrations that were sent to me—almost the opposite of the usual process—story and then illustrations. It didn’t make it to the final selection as the editor didn’t like it. It was my first piece of fiction that I shared with the world, and I still like it. More than a year later, as I read it, I’m quite happy. … Continue reading mOOOOnster wind, lOla and kitty-cat

maragoo’s world

Written for a prompt by Women’s Web, my first fiction story to be published. I am thrilled and was grinning from ear to ear for the longest time! Posting it here for those of you who haven’t caught my regular bubbling about this story on my social media streams. I do wish to take this further; had some great inspiration this weekend, so hope I write a bit more soon. … Continue reading maragoo’s world