waddle on!

Hello everyone. At the outset, my apologies. I have been very irregular here and I have no excuses. I had no ideas/motivation in October. Then to push myself to write more I’ve set myself some huge targets in writing for November and December and taken on some work that maybe I shouldn’t have given the time = money equation. What am I upto? I am working on … Continue reading waddle on!

around australia in 8 airbnb (stays!)

This longish post won me Rs. 25000 in the Airbnb and Happy Tripping contest. I’m all smiles, will be like that all day. Read on for great Airbnb options in Australia and some tips on what you should do. Continue reading around australia in 8 airbnb (stays!)

the sydney harbour bridge, more pictures and stories coming soon!

hello, thank you and i’m printed!

hello everyone, this is a thank you note to all the readers who have been visiting this blog even though I’ve been AWOL (I learnt the full form only today) for the longest time. while i didn’t mention it here on the blog, but did on facebook (follow the page fbl.me/mtga to be inundated by more me, me and me!) i was away in AUSTRALASIA (say it loudly … Continue reading hello, thank you and i’m printed!