hello & I will be back


I haven’t been here for around two weeks and that is shabby on my part. I haven’t really been busy enough to use that excuse… let’s just say I didn’t end up writing so there are posts in the ‘draft’ mode that haven’t been published (edited sufficiently!). I am rushing away today to Himachal on a two week work trip and will be back only towards the end of this month, so there will be a longer absence from the blog. I am excited to be travelling, nervous and hope that I’ve done my homework, and worried that I will miss home and its main occupant terribly. But I’m old, wise too hopefully, and I’ve done this before so will definitely have a blast and come back itching to write it all out. (But also desperate to have my own bed and my own loo, the two things I miss the most on a holiday.)

Till then, here are two of my recently published articles. Do leave a comment if you’d like to, I know I would love to hear your thoughts!

In the first I talk about a visit to Bordi. A and I visited Bordi rather late, most Mumbaikars have done it in their diapers. It is a serene little town to the North of Mumbai and what I love the best is that the Parsis made it their home. You will see a lot of old bungalows, some with Bawas peeping out like we did and you can even stay in a Parsi owned, and at times run, homestay! This article that appeared in the Mint Print issue. Catch it online here: In Search of Serenity.

The latest article was printed in the Nat Geo Traveller India May Issue. Rainforest Retreat is one of my favourite places and I hope you like the article but more importantly go and visit Rainforest Retreat, the Goels and experience a little bit of that magic… Find your Mojo! I am pasting the first page of the print below, but you can also read it only on the Nat Geo Website here. (Though I do not like the title of the piece for the online version, wonder why they changed it!) finding my mojo nat geo may15 1

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