#100womenproject – sapna, purushwadi

purushwadi, june 2013.


this was one cute, enthusiastic, wide-eyed kid.

we were tourists at her house in purushwadi, maharashtra… we walked around, observed her mother pounding rice in the traditional way… sapna (in english: dream) ran around with one kid in her arms. i stopped her, and asked if i could take a picture. she nodded, an all over circle with her head. click.

when i showed it to her, she looked at me and giggled!

her big eyes look out into the world with great curiosity. she goes to school, but most of the children in this village don’t study beyond 10th std, including the boys. it could also be a function of the higher secondary school being a little away and then college further away. that might just be her future too, or maybe even lesser education.

but i wish well for this bright eyed, happy kid. i hope she studies, hope she dreams big. bigger than her tiny village, bigger than her parents, bigger than her dreams can or should be.

all the best sapna.


One thought on “#100womenproject – sapna, purushwadi

  1. Can you believe I was in Purushwadi in 2013 during our village research trip?
    We had a translator since neither of us spoke Marathi.
    But I learned something here I didn’t know.
    That kids only go up to 10th std.
    What a pity.
    I stayed at the little cottage provided by the eco tourism company without electricity or running water and brrr it was good. I saw kids walking to and from school.
    Sitting in the verandah I could see the mountains beyond the fog.


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