link day links

some more links for you to chew over the weekend!

quotes that travel:

there are many posts you might have come across with best this and best that…  i really like this one as it has some of my personal favourites. check out the best travel quotes of all time:

one of my favourites is below. it’s by tolkien. i feel like i wander a lot and i’d like to believe i’m not lost. hmmm… how about you? 

a eagle’s view: 

i really like the angle of all these photos. love the picture of the feet at the edge of a building peering over the blocks far below! and as a local makes me wonder how i didn’t find all these places to click snaps there. (jealousy? oh yes, its a real emotion right now!)

check out:


questioning verbosity:

some great two liners written by authors about travel. makes you wonder why we use so many words at times when stories can be crisply told! though some are long. but still, read more at:

it’s a mums world!

and doesn’t this mum have a lot of time, patience and tonnes of creativity?


it’s MY world

and some self-praise at the end: my article has made it to the TOP 50 posts from among 1000s at the alternative! am i happy? well, that’s putting it mildly! check it out:

maranat mana

p.s. if you like my writing, vote for me at and i might just win a trip to kerala. help me!

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