weekly photography challenge: the masterpiece is mazgaon

mazgaon lies hidden, tucked away…  the new eastern freeway that runs right over it on a tall, thick pillars alienating itself from the people below. almost reminding me the movie cars, when a new highway bypasses a town…

mazgaon has been forgotten for a long time. we seem to want to live and be present in the latest hip and happening suburb, forgetting the past that lies languishing in the corner… decaying…

today, there is a lot of buzz about mazgaon now, and people are talking about how beautiful it is. and i finally got to walk around thanks to my new job with audiocompass…

as i walked around mazgaon, it felt like an old, forgotten masterpiece.

in a secular country like india, what more than a congregation of people from religions living harmoniously with each other… and thats a threat out there today, in the name of religious fundamentalism etc.  what mazgaon holds in it’s past is priceless…

the church leads to the jew’s house which is close to a parsi baug (place where parsis live) next to a masjid which shares a wall with a shia cemetery that lies next to the only jewish cemetery .. phew…  the list goes on. its a beautiful potpourri of religions at mazgaon! though it is fast fading in its present and all we see are decaying reminders… what with few catholics left, hardly any jews, the chinese have all packed up and gone, the parsis or zorashtrians are few and far…

but the past held a beautiful story, of harmony, of peace and of tolerance… a lesson we could learn today!

written and curated for: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/out-of-this-world/

15 thoughts on “weekly photography challenge: the masterpiece is mazgaon

  1. Fantastic one Bhavani! Loved it. Your eye for detail captures the quaintest visuals and your photos do them justice. until next time 🙂


  2. thanks uday, indrani and all the bloggers who liked this…

    uday: instagram is a wonderful thing. i love the filters, so its actually mazgaon instagrammed

    indrani, 🙂 mazgaon is brilliant. it is this mess that is typical of bombay – bad roads, mad traffic trying to go in different directions at the same point at the exact same time.. and all of that… and ugly new buildings sticking out like sore thumbs… and then you see something not so ugly. it stands out 🙂 wonder if 100 years later someone is going to be walking around saying our generation built beautiful stuff! hmmm…


  3. Now, I want to ask you, why didn’t you take me to these places when I visited you? WHY?!
    Things get lost in this maze called traffic, people, thoughts, desires, pollution — but you bring them into focus again, Bhavani. Your great strength. Don’t ever lose it.
    The power to zoom in to give your readers only just what matters.


  4. discovering them myself only now. but yes, next time… its a LOT of walking! get your shoes!!

    thanks a lot… :):) hope to get better and better and even better at the zooming in!


  5. Bhavani,

    you have captured it quite poetically

    I want to go to place with a friend this saturday but is clicking photography allowed? Just seeing your photos gives me strength to go as I have heard that photography is not at all allowed there.

    Can you guide me please



  6. hi manish, tried to put it down with minimum words… thanks for the appreciation!

    you can most definitely walk around this area… the only places that do not allow photography are the mesina hospital and the magen david synagogue… you anyway cannot enter the mumbai port.

    have fun.


  7. we went there years before to document the houses by taking measurements and making drawings. will be great to revisit.

    Thanks for the info
    and great travel blog. will keep coming here to explore places!


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