fireflies twinkle at purushwadi

am off! to go see valley full of fireflies at purushwadi, near mumbai.. excited! the day began later than we expected with multiple delays as went on – from a maid who came back after two days and insisted on not being laid off, a flat tire to be fixed, a thirsty petrol tank to be quenched and no petrol pump in sight, a never-ending … Continue reading fireflies twinkle at purushwadi

the coconut palms give way

goa without the beaches

usually a post on a holiday in goa would begin with the sea, and end with the sea and there would be many mentions of the sea in between all of that too… words about the lovely beaches, the lovely sand, the private beach which you couldn’t reach, the lounging, the shacks, ‘susegad’, the packed shacks, martin’s corner, sunset at betalbatim, interspersed with vegetarians cribbing … Continue reading goa without the beaches

how scrambled eggs in goa changed how i eat eggs!

i am reminiscing about a trip to goa in 2008. i have an ex-colleague who lives in panaji but had never visited her. she lived in panaji and so a couple of us decided to stay in panaji, in the middle of goa. till then panaji had never even featured in goa plans. it was just the capital of the state and a boring place (in … Continue reading how scrambled eggs in goa changed how i eat eggs!

taj mahal: a symbol of undying love?

the taj mahal is a huge monument built for love. in a world that represents scant respect for the depth and gravity of that emotion; a world that has reduced loved to ‘days’ and ‘cards’ and ‘date nights’…  it makes me stop, and think about shah jahan, and his wife mumtaz… i wonder about their undying love… what kind was it? was it intense and passionate? … Continue reading taj mahal: a symbol of undying love?

lords, the mecca of cricket

we are a cricket loving family. i grew up watching cricket with my brother and father. cheering loudly at every ball. marveling at how my brother remembered the stats from matches long gone by. i am more the french definition of ‘sportif’… i actively watch sports. then i got married, into another cricket loving family… and my husband plays cricket every sat and sun, even … Continue reading lords, the mecca of cricket

the search for off-beat travel…

‘off-beat’ travel is increasingly tough to come by. leh-ladakh used to be off-beat, now its supposedly too touristy! with the internet bringing places far away and travels of unknown people right into your house, there is not much the avid traveler has not heard about or been to! so how does one make travel new? to see something virgin… how about going to a city, … Continue reading the search for off-beat travel…

girl with fish

where the walls come alive in bandra, mumbai

i visited the lanes behind the big and busy hill road multiple times. first for a photo walk with a friend, which was the first time i discovered such graffiti on walls in mumbai… the city i have lived in for more than 7 years now! it was a revelation. just a short distance from the train station lay this treasure trove… i always wonder … Continue reading where the walls come alive in bandra, mumbai

chimbai village, bandra

Let’s go on a walk down Chimbai Road in Bandra. Through the bylanes, passing some vintage-cute bungalows, walk till we hit a decrepit bungalow with suspected squatters, take that left and walk till we reach the water’s edge. This is the Chimbai koli village. Just across the water to the left, across the water you won’t venture into, lies the glitzy, glamourous Bandra bandstand with … Continue reading chimbai village, bandra