the search for off-beat travel…

‘off-beat’ travel is increasingly tough to come by. leh-ladakh used to be off-beat, now its supposedly too touristy! with the internet bringing places far away and travels of unknown people right into your house, there is not much the avid traveler has not heard about or been to!

so how does one make travel new? to see something virgin…

how about going to a city, known for its beaches and sun and lazy moments IN THE RAINS
or to eat at a VEGETARIAN restaurant that does not serve alcohol in a city known for its non-veg, talli (drunk) locals?

well, i am off to do precisely that.

5 days in the rainy, drenched goa with everything but the beach…

one meal at a vegetarian restaurant which does NOT serve alcohol

another at a lovely homestay owned by a brother and sister

and some visits to the unseen parts of goa, non-beach… i have made a list…

and then i will be back.. with more stories and more tales to spin!

and yes, i agree, goa in the rains might not ‘virgin’ enough, but it works for now. till then, tell me how you travel ‘off-beat’ without having to go to a far-flung town?

goa without the beaches

4 thoughts on “the search for off-beat travel…

  1. Cheers!
    Good idea. Actually people go a long way in search of off beat travels. Leh may be touristy but a trek few kms away to stok may be off beat.
    Similarly a trek to valley of flowers (thouh not virgin) or to the Himalayan base camp or to a rural village in HP or our own Maharashtra.
    All the best for ur Goa trip


  2. thanks arindam, for visiting, reading and commenting!

    adding to your point, there is the new and different even in the city you live in. i discover things about mumbai whenever i keep my eyes open… and mumbai is done to death..

    but i guess my point here is about how virgin the experience is, not you looking at things with a fresh eye! can anyone ever be to a place that no one has visited before? no longer are we the explorers from vasco de gama’s time… but at times how i wish i could be… and have that kick of reporting in for the first time about a city, country and culture!


  3. Its good that you have such keen observations, that is what differentiates a tourist and an explorer/ traveler. Off course we do not have that scope to explore as in the ‘age of exploration’, as we do not need to colonize, but we do it in our own way, learning new cultures, food, traditions. I guess our blogs would have a lot in contributing to our intellectual growth.
    Keep sharing 🙂


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