how do you enjoy the rains?

its june. its monsoon. and its mumbai! and right now it seems like the monsoon is going to be good this year! its been pouring cats, dogs and elephants for the last two days… roads are flooded (thanks BMC, you guys always do a superb job ensuring there is water all over)

right now, the rains are here. the skies have opened up and its all pouring down.
and we stand below, mouth wide open
‘go get clean mumbai’ as someone said on fb recently!
yeah… go get washed up, clean and green…

and the rains come down

at the end of the apartment complex i live in, there is a mini waterfall. water gushed down the huge parapet wall, long after the rain has stopped… reminding us all the time of the onset of the monsoons. the arrival of the next season… a season that promises a lot of the things i love…

a season… of crunchy-soft bhutta with the chill-salt-lime merging into one and burning up your lips

… of hot chai sipped while hugging the mug… something we mumbaites wish we could do but only envy the cold cities in the north… monsoon gives us those few cold days to clutch onto our mugs for dear life…

a season… of sitting at home curled up with a book forever as there are rains, or watching that entire external drive of movies and re-runs of grey’s anatomy on star world for the nth time (and, whats up with that, have they run out of serial-stock?)

… of twiddling thumbs wondering when the sun will come out and you can go out too

… of walking in knee-deep water and trying hard NOT to think of the rats, garbage, urine, spit that is mixed in this street-side murky, muddy pool

… of reaching office wet and then shivering in the ac till you completely dry up… or of just calling up saying ‘its raining too heavily’

a season… of achieving that crumpled messy hair look effortlessly that the likes of justin beiber pay big bucks for

… of yearning for hot-hot onion pakodas… all the time!

… of going to that nearby sea-face (worli, marine drive, juhu and the likes) and getting totally, completely and supremely drenched

… of finding reasons to bunk office that sound better than ‘its raining too heavily’, once you have used that a couple of times!

and a season where after ten days of non-stop mumbai-rains, you wish for the sun… YOU WISH FOR THE SUN… which you had just banished away to a far away place in some other galaxy not 10 days ago?

wishing for the sun on day 10
wishing for the sun on day 10

how do you spend your monsoon rain-filled days? leave your favourite activities as a comment below. 

4 thoughts on “how do you enjoy the rains?

  1. Thanks for sharing this,rainy season is great and i like it a lot, however like you mentioned correctly it can be very frustrating for people who have to go out for work. What i do not like is that some people purposely increase the speed of car during rain to splash water on the roads towards people passing by. That is very stupid thing to do in my opinion, whenever i am driving i make sure i am not doing anything like that.


  2. thanks majaal for taking the time and commenting. yeah, that is so true. those in cars always end up splashing… when you are anyway completely wet it doesnt really matter, but its when you are not, thats its really irritating!


  3. thanks san… going to take this further and find my fav places in this new corner of mumbai i live in… chandivali… 🙂 already found one and thats coming up in the next post.. 🙂


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