best road trips from mumbai

Do you enjoy travelling? Yes? Well, then you must travel in the monsoons (or just after) because the rains make everything beautiful. It feels like India is born again, blooming, flourishing and glowing – well in a nature kind of way. You see her in the prime of youth, all decked up in myriad shades of green. Nature does put on a great show for you, and don’t you want a ring … Continue reading best road trips from mumbai

desilting the ghats of varanasi

every year, the ganga changes during the monsoon. she becomes mightier than ever… moves swiftly, charging down the slopes, and everywhere by her banks are signs of warning. “do not enter the water”. she becomes inaccessible to the fervent pilgrim & untouchable to the adventurous rafter. she courses down the mountain, as if she owns the land. as if she was never tamed in shiva’s … Continue reading desilting the ghats of varanasi

the weekly photo challenge: fiddling with the focus

there has been a lot going on and in a good way…actually great way! lots of writing, lots of traveling and lots of writing again. sadly, my blog seems very ignored! but this challenge by dailypost seems like a good way to get started on the writing again… focus is something i have struggled with all my life. what i want to do. what i want … Continue reading the weekly photo challenge: fiddling with the focus

gorgeous landscape through the journey

meeting the twinkling bums: fireflies at purushwadi

twinkling bums… that is what they are right? the twinkling back-sides of fireflies. imagine fireflies on the road as you walk by, fireflies on the bushes and trees, fireflies crisscrossing… and imagine a firefly on your hand, twinkling along your palm… that’s what happened at purushwadi, off the mumbai-nasik highway. but wait, let me start at the beginning. day 1 at purushwadi…  we reached purushwadi in the … Continue reading meeting the twinkling bums: fireflies at purushwadi

the coconut palms give way

goa without the beaches

usually a post on a holiday in goa would begin with the sea, and end with the sea and there would be many mentions of the sea in between all of that too… words about the lovely beaches, the lovely sand, the private beach which you couldn’t reach, the lounging, the shacks, ‘susegad’, the packed shacks, martin’s corner, sunset at betalbatim, interspersed with vegetarians cribbing … Continue reading goa without the beaches