casinha raibandar: a brilliant chalet near panjim, goa

just 15 mins near panjim, down the ribandar road, after the divar jetty and post the old campus of GIM (goa institute of management) you reach a gorgeous looking door to your left hand side…
park your car there, or let go of the auto there. and step in…



this is a chalet (yes, i said that right, a chalet) set on the banks of the river mandovi, it doesn’t get better & bigger than this. this is one of those places you do not want to tell anyone about, you want to hide so that it stays hidden and only yours! sigh, so i am letting out a secret…

a very atmospheric place, the ambience lends itself to a large gang screaming for a loud party or to a soft conversation to be held on a stool by the window or a heavy breakfast to be had late in the morning…

there is so much to talk about this place, that i do not know where to begin…

  • there are three floors, 4 bedrooms, one spacious common area and a large kitchen with a dining table and benches to park yourself
  • the entire house has wooden flooring and large beams running across the ceiling… it is a brown colour scheme from corner to corner
  • a huge deck by the bedrooms in the basement are just on the banks of the mandovi river… gorgeous glass windows covering the river facing side of the chalet and bar stools placed by the windows
  • a fully equipped kitchen & a stocked larder that works on trust… with everything you could ever possibly need on a holiday and more… also there are places nearby that would deliver food right to you…
  • wi-fi and a computer if you forgot to carry yours…
  • want to listen to some music… there is an i-pod dock
  • a large flat screen tv with a dth connection so that you don’t miss that crucial match if you are a die-hard fan

casinha raibandar

the owners have done up this house with the greatest amount of attention to the needs of their guests. it’s all that you desire and much more. this is a dream stay!

it is a luxury home away from home… the home you wish you could own, but might not be able to afford, i can’t. this is not the warm, fuzzy homestay experience but the rich, luxurious, queen for a night experience…

for details check out casinha raibandar at airbnb…

casinhas raibandar at night

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