Iron drums at Kochi beach front

i walk by, wondering, thinking, wondering… approach, almost touch, peep into the holes on the sides, get shocked by the garbage, step back, almost touch again, step back. [hmmm] what are these two iron drums i say to myself? not wanting to leave, i wait there. maybe it’ll strike me? before minutes turn into hours, a man walks up to them. he looks, smiles knowingly, then … Continue reading Iron drums at Kochi beach front

meandering in by’KH’ulla and ma’Z’gaon – mumbai

a beautiful, stone church, the largest synagogue in asia, a 100-yr old christian settlement and a restored palladian style museum… 6 hours of walking around by’KH’ulla & ma’Z’gaon two areas in south mumbai… or ‘bombay’ as the taxi drivers would say. as that is bombay, the rest of us, live outside ‘bombay’! explanations, thoughts, musings and pictures coming up… right now, am too tired to do … Continue reading meandering in by’KH’ulla and ma’Z’gaon – mumbai

indian railways

weekly photo challenge: nostalgic

the indian railways has been a recurring theme of my life. i grew up in mumbai & then pune, both of which are around 1300 kms away from my parents’ native city of chennai. when summer creeped up on us we would all head down to chennai, then madras. 20 years ago, this was a long, exhausting 24 – 30 hour train journey and my … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: nostalgic

delhi to mumbai – my most entertaining flight ever!

i was in delhi on work, and friday’s work got cancelled, so i advanced my flight to thursday, decided to give A a surprise. sent him an sms saying i was out with friends in delhi, bad signal, stupid delhi pubs, stupid vodafone, stupid pregnant friend who wanted to go out partying, i couldn’t talk, and would talk to him the next day.  at the … Continue reading delhi to mumbai – my most entertaining flight ever!

the exotic familiar?

preference for the known non-indian exotic? but not excited by unknown indian exotic? even at the same cost?

Continue reading “the exotic familiar?”

driving from trichy to karaikudi

it had been a long journey. it had been difficult to sleep all night on that tiny seat of a mini-van with loud music, only on to keep the driver awake. but, given that our train tickets didn’t get confirmed, we were forced to make do with a last-minute haphazard plan which involved two buses and two car rides to get ketti (near ooty) to trichy! and given that it eid, and thus a long weekend. there was a never-ending stream of traveling who all seemed to be better prepared than us or rather better equipped to handle uncomfortable rides!

lesson: always book in advance when there is a long weekend in india. everyone is on the road! Continue reading “driving from trichy to karaikudi”