why i love homestays…

travel for me is about stories, about places, people, where they have been, and how they got here. i like travel, not just for mad travelers and their envious around-the-world tales but for experiences, stories, histories. for living, in a place, that can only come from sticking, staying put.

i can’t always do that! don’t have the money or time to live in another city till in seeps into my pores, till i colour into the light brown of its stories like the jasmine tea at my neighbourhood chinese restaurant…

the solution: i can get it all, and way cheaper at a homestay!

from the heritage homes, to eccentric expressions to basic homes that have opened their doors, i love them all. homestays are filled with stories… stories of a time, place or event that i have not lived in, but through its retelling i can experience and imagine. it is like partaking of a delicious piece of apple pie without having taken any of the effort (lazy aren’t i?) i get to experience a bit of the history, a bit of their struggle (if they are garrulous talkers)

these homestays make a city, village, place come alive for me in ways that a google map, lp guide or even hours of aimless roaming doesn’t. i get nuggets of a life i can never live. 

so a big hooray to homestays! hope to give back to traveling one day when i put up my legs and open up my doors to traveling from around the world.

scottish roots embedded deep into the kumani hills at this homestay near nainital
scottish roots grown deep into the kumani hills at this homestay near nainital

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