i love comments…

i am a kid in the world of blogging! just started to pen down my journeys in black and white, and at times i wonder what it feels like to read my rambling narrations of my travel. it helps to have comments, to have readers tell you what they think about it. the likes at the bottom of a post are like little shining stars… lighten up the day… and comments are like the sun that shines right into my room and brightens each and every corner. they give the ‘like’ a voice and an expression…

calling out to all of you visiting, reading, skipping, traipsing by this blog, do leave a comment… it would mean a lot to me!

i love comments

here are some of my favourite comments so far… sticking with the positive ones 🙂 

comments about the article: a walk in the past – maranat mana – published at thealternative.in

And you did a fine job. It’s a vivid piece, it speaks of how well and closely you observed things around you. I get a sense of the awe the experience evoked in you. All things you want your reader to enjoy.” dilip d’souza

“What I liked about this write-up is that you’ve not just stated things as in a travelogue but made the lines thought provoking and intense. They came alive for me. Waiting to read more from you!” _kala

lovely post and pics as always! really enjoy reading your observations.” sanasi

interesting post. Also love your writing style – you should be writing novels! :)” namrata

“Hey good post Bh…mumbai chi mulgi would know that…makes the Gateway special.” nimisha

2 thoughts on “i love comments…

  1. Aw! Of course you love comments. Because you love communicating. Talking? Thinking out aloud? All those things!
    That’s a good call out to readers, you know…cos it takes just a few seconds but it’s something most people skip doing


  2. yeah. a comment means so much more than a like as you know why that person liked it. otherwise its like trying to read someone’s head, and that’s impossible. mostly. 🙂


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