and another article goes up.. :D

this is a post that from my blog… the editor liked it and post a few tweaks, it went up at yesterday!

i don’t know if i will ever lose the joy i get when i see my name ‘in print’… it is happening more often this year, but i still do my little jump, say that happy ‘yay’ and then want to tell the world… my little world…

so, kind readers, thank you for coming back… it means a lot!


the article is at: the hideout on the alternative

and if you live in and around mumbai, do visit this lovely homestay. hemant and sangeeta are interesting, knowledgeable and very welcoming. they have a lovely set-up, and you will see the passion and work thats gone into this little dream getaway of theirs. for more details check out their website:

one of the bedrooms - extremely inviting!
with mud walls and open windows, you are living with nature

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