a taste of spiti, himachal

somewhere in the himalayan range, hidden between two passes lies the spiti valley. it is a 5 – 7 hour rocky journey from manali or shimla, depending on which side you enter from. an arid landscape, above the snow line, with no trees and just shrubs eating up the sun with a hungry thirst. it was a jeep safari, that lasted 9 days, but a memory that will last forever.

the set below is just a glimpse of that beautiful landscape. it is also just a peep into what was a beautiful yet scary, peaceful yet thought-provoking trip to the spiti valley in october last year. my posts and pictures are way overdue… i thought i could begin with a few pictures.



hello glorious, gorgeous himalayas

the himalayas

rocks and sky – brown against the blue – just two colours and yet so beautiful


the rains had caused the mud to flow into the valley. this blocked the river and created a small lake. the cracked foreground is the eroded soil and the blue water is what is now a beautiful lake sandwiched between towering mountains.

it might not be there the next time i pass by. and might become a dream, a fantasy…




he stares into the distance, keeping watch over the moving person. while i click away from this angle, amazed at his erect pose. and steady stance.

the blue mountain goat. 


the stark landscape gets even more so when the little green you could have had is just this dull brownish shrub. i never realised how much i missed the colour green, till i reached the sangla valley, 3-4 days into the trip. 


at the top of one hill, between the rising peaks of two others is a small lake… formed by melting snow the guide told us. it is supposed to have huge fish, i didn’t see them but another member of the traveling party did! 


more text, pictures and stories coming up soon – including the night that i thought i was dying.

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