first of firsts – two articles published on the same day

two articles were published today on two different e-zines (is that what you call them?)

one of them is on my favourite topic – graffiti; but with interpretations or musings… tell me what you think.
where did the wall graffiti at fort kochi come from though i prefer my title – “kochi – art or wallpaper?”

and the other, a first for me. a poem, as a tribute to the stark landscape at spiti.

“This blue is new.
Back home murky grey seeps into the muddy land
This blue doesn’t merge. Aloof. Disconnected.
From the grey below.
That. Dull. Arid. Dead. Grey.
Stillness in life, once inconceivable
In the distance, I imagine the razor’s edge. Air | Land.”

for more – go here! spiti valley – bluer than blue 

and it would be great if you leave a comment here or there on your thoughts. am i headed in any direction? 🙂

of course, while we talk about all of this. it’s also been 15 days since i lost my shot at getting printed in one of the top travel magazines in india. the otherwise prompt editor has not yet replied to my “re-pitch” of the one idea she liked. but then it all balances out. (though it would have been super cool to add that to the list)

7 thoughts on “first of firsts – two articles published on the same day

  1. When I clicked on the link to read more it said it could not find page or something like that

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