a quick update and other things

I’ve been away. not from my home but from this blog for around a month. it’s embarrassing to move from regular blogger to irregular blogger to a non-blogger. and that’s whats happened over the last few months. i don’t have any excuses, yes i’ve been busy but i managed to find time before. well, anyway, i’m back. and plan to get a lot of stuff online soon!

you can expect posts about tigers, about losing myself in quaintness, about my best birding experience though with a 250mm so only shaky photos of all the birds. we will move from kochi to kanha to bandhavgarh to jabalpur and maybe take a few more stops in the middle…

there will be book reviews coming up. about books you have to read. books you might have read. books that might be moving into my favourite zone… but it’s not those lengthy reviews but the three word ones.

is there food? hmmm… let me see, i don’t remember eating anything different during the recent travels that i asked for… but maybe shots of a couple of cafes that are just very elegant. and more ambience than food, so then photographs are the better way out…

about learning to swim, and getting over the fear… and other interesting bits on that journey…

you can expect photo posts since i always take so many photos!

and maybe a few more rambling posts such as this one… 🙂

for now — feast your eyes on my favourite tigress – this beauty from bandhavgarh!


4 thoughts on “a quick update and other things

  1. thanks giri. 🙂 i am hoping i manage to write it all! given i head to delhi on monday and i am not sure what i have in store for me there!


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