fort kochi & why i love it

Fort Kochi sits in the middle of the state of Kerala, in south-west of India. Kerala is ‘God’s Own Country’ as the marketing campaign has been shouting for years. That’s true. You go to Kerala to learn that there are more greens than just bottle green and olive-green. But no, Fort Kochi doesn’t succumb to the rest-of-Kerala’s diktat. Kerala is all about the backwaters? errr… you hardly experience that … Continue reading fort kochi & why i love it

a quick update and other things

I’ve been away. not from my home but from this blog for around a month. it’s embarrassing to move from regular blogger to irregular blogger to a non-blogger. and that’s whats happened over the last few months. i don’t have any excuses, yes i’ve been busy but i managed to find time before. well, anyway, i’m back. and plan to get a lot of stuff online … Continue reading a quick update and other things