where the wild things should be!

Wildlife Conservation & You, a Bangalore based non-profit, organised a conference in Mumbai on 6th June. The aim of the conference was to connect wildlife enthusiasts with conservationists. This is the third year it has been held, though previously only in Bangalore. Around 50 participants spent their Saturday munching over the thoughts and words during five interactive sessions and a panel discussion. The day began … Continue reading where the wild things should be!

a quick update and other things

I’ve been away. not from my home but from this blog forĀ around a month. it’s embarrassing to move from regular blogger to irregular blogger to a non-blogger. and that’s whats happened over the last few months. i don’t have any excuses, yes i’ve been busy but i managed to find time before. well, anyway, i’m back. and plan to get a lot of stuff online … Continue reading a quick update and other things