you are reading a TOP blog of INDIA!

and you are reading one of the top blogs in india – this is a list of the top 500 blogs in india. they have a process of selection and I’d like to believe it’s extremely rigorous and I got selected.

doing my little dance around in my chair which involves me bouncing about in a rather sloppy, podgy way. interestingly, I made it to this list in december 2013 and I didn’t even know about it.

check it out:

somewhere in the middle of the M’s and hidden under mera’s kitchen there it is – merry to go around! 

mediacrooks MediaCrooks
mediumboss Everything’s Official Abojut This
meerareflections Chronicles of an Unknown Indian
merakitchen merakitchen
merrytogoaround Merry to Go Around
minds-i Mind’s I
mindzpeak Mindzpeak
mogadalai Entertaining Research

it’s celebration time. bring on the ice-cream, bring on some decadent chocolate, and i definitely want those gooey brownies!

quick doodle of me saying YAY (c) bhavani

11 thoughts on “you are reading a TOP blog of INDIA!

  1. This is so cool bhavani!! Am so happy for you and merrytogoaround :)…also loved the little caricature of yours in the end 🙂


  2. thanks nidhi!

    my hair is by most suitable attribute to highlight in a caricature… of course my nose too, though conveniently chosen to make that a tiny bump 😀


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