of long trips, homesickness and actual sickness!

i’ve been AWOL and still generated so many views this month, makes me wonder if being AWOL is the way to get readers. when i do write, few views, when i don’t many more views. hmmm… i’ve been away for two weeks, and then it takes me a few days to get back into routine or maybe more! i send out emails that were meant to be sent … Continue reading of long trips, homesickness and actual sickness!

hello & I will be back

Hello! I haven’t been here for around two weeks and that is shabby on my part. I haven’t really been busy enough to use that excuse… let’s just say I didn’t end up writing so there are posts in the ‘draft’ mode that haven’t been published (edited sufficiently!). I am rushing away today to Himachal on a two week work trip and will be back only towards … Continue reading hello & I will be back

how to be a greedy vegetarian in thailand

“We need to know all the words for beef, chicken, fish everything when we visit Bangkok,” a worried me spluttered to my husband as we boarded the flight to Bangkok. I am more apprehensive about being a vegetarian in South-East Asia than I am in Europe, even in the hardcore meat eating countries there. Vegetarianism is not something the South-East Asians understand that well. Dried shrimp, a favourite topping, … Continue reading how to be a greedy vegetarian in thailand

why you should stay at anegudi not hampi

First Published at: Why I’m Glad I Stayed at Anegudi Instead of Hampi (The Alternative) The turn of the highway was just before the toll-road, my husband and I debated whether it was the right one, but with no mobile network to reconfirm, the satellites directed. We were bang in the middle of our 10 day long road-trip from Mumbai to Karnataka. Earlier in the day we … Continue reading why you should stay at anegudi not hampi

the sydney harbour bridge, more pictures and stories coming soon!

hello, thank you and i’m printed!

hello everyone, this is a thank you note to all the readers who have been visiting this blog even though I’ve been AWOL (I learnt the full form only today) for the longest time. while i didn’t mention it here on the blog, but did on facebook (follow the page fbl.me/mtga to be inundated by more me, me and me!) i was away in AUSTRALASIA (say it loudly … Continue reading hello, thank you and i’m printed!

paddy fields, bugs and random walks

I like walking around villages and the back-roads, chucking the route the car would take and just walking, till I find my way home. And rural Kerala, or maybe all villages, just cough up such trails effortlessly. Years ago, we’d walked around the farmland at Kooderi Manna and reached a railway track. City-bred me had never placed a coin and watched a train rush over … Continue reading paddy fields, bugs and random walks

exploring turkey with activeholidaycompany.com (contest)

Every travel or journey where I have used what I’d like to call a ‘Slow Mode’ of transport has been richer in textures, in experiences and in details that I end up remembering it for long. As we walked through the lanes of Bangkok to reach the river, we saw cafes and tiny shops that we would have otherwise bypassed. I bought a lovely cotton bag that says … Continue reading exploring turkey with activeholidaycompany.com (contest)

where to make merry in north goa!

And no, it’s not what you think…. Nah nah nah… I was in Goa last weekend and I’m fresh with all the susegado-infused-peace—yes, that much abused word when it comes to all things Goan. A number of people following my Goa feed on Facebook and Instagram messaged me asking for a list of recommendations for Goa. Places to eat this time and not stay. Yes, I … Continue reading where to make merry in north goa!