where did you spend NYE?

(honest confession: came across NYE on social media and kept wondering what it meant.don’t i sound daft? then figured that it was New Year’s Eve.) i spent new year’s eve in an organic plantation in coorg, in the open air dining room of the guests, with the sounds of water trickling and falling over stones… music playing on really soft speakers. there was a bon … Continue reading where did you spend NYE?

help me win a trip to god’s own country

yes. its been a bit of a harassing spell from my end to all those people whose email ids i have, to all those on my facebook timeline… i am back here to persuade all those 300+ subscribers to my blog. there is a competition being run by the kerala tourism board and 25 lucky winners get to go for a two-week trip from the north … Continue reading help me win a trip to god’s own country

100 books in 365 days by august 2014: where am i today?

given my hand issue (like calling it that) and me being told to stay away from the computer, i set up a target (unrealistic, i realise now, but it’s been set and i want try to chase it. no i won’t cheat and read books with just 10 pages!) 100 BOOKS IN 365 DAYS. from august 2013 to august 2014. 5 months into the challenge and … Continue reading 100 books in 365 days by august 2014: where am i today?

link day links

some more links for you to chew over the weekend! quotes that travel: there are many posts you might have come across with best this and best that…  i really like this one as it has some of my personal favourites. check out the best travel quotes of all time: www.aluxurytravelblog.com/2013/04/17/10-of-the-best-travel-quotes-of-all-time/ one of my favourites is below. it’s by tolkien. i feel like i wander a lot and … Continue reading link day links

weekly photo challenge: joy is…

joy is… … seeing the taj mahal for the first time … that smile which took many jokes to make its shy appearance joy is… being told you are looking directly at mt. everest joy is… wild mushrooms after the first rains and the smell of green! joy is… that blog post that breaks all your previous records joy is… the innocence in a child joy is… a new … Continue reading weekly photo challenge: joy is…